1FF Fantasy - Updates

After some feedback from the community, we’re making some changes to 1FF Fantasy for Season 3.

Free Mode

Everyone can enter Free Mode, you just need to set up an account on 1ff.com. We’ve decided to make Free Mode more tactical this season by introducing set positions you have to choose a player in. 

Last season, you could pick a defender, a midfielder, a forward and any two players from any other position on the pitch. This season, you will have to pick one goalkeeper, one defender, two midfielders and one forward. This will reward the people who go deep on the data and follow the league and players closely.

We’re also changing the restrictions around the number of players you can choose from a club. Last season, you could only pick one player per club. This season, you can pick as many players as you want from the same club so you could have a team with five players from the same club.

The prizes for Free Mode will be Player Cards, which will enable you to enter Pro Mode, and 1FF Points, which will give you the opportunity to train your players to get better performances out of them in the next game.

Pro Mode

To enter Pro Mode, you need to own at least five player cards. You can buy Player Cards through packs on 1FF.com or on the marketplace. The squad selection in Pro Mode stays the same, you can still use any five player cards from your player card collection to enter each week. 

However, we have made a change to the prizes. We've added end of season cash prizes to reward the best and most consistent players who finish in the top five at the end of the season. This is the breakdown of the prize money - 1st = US$2,000, 2nd = US$1,000, 3rd = US$500, 4th = US$100, 5th = US$50. Our outright weekly winners will now get US$50.


The deadline to enter your team will be the kickoff of the first game of the round which is the same as last season.

Season 3

The new season of One Future Football kicks off on April 6. With new managers, new signings, old rivalries, and new heroes emerging, this season promises to be nothing short of electrifying! Good luck in 1FF Fantasy this season.