1FF Gossip - Round 1

Here's a round-up of all the player, team and transfer gossip around One Future Football in Round 1 of Season 3.

Tokyo Youth Club's Brazilian midfielder, Henrique Bastos, was the last player leaving the training after every training session last week. The 29-year-old spent time with the young players in the squad working on his shooting as he wants to add more goals to his name this campaign.

FC Angelenos' new midfielder Joost De Groot was spotted getting some extra training in the Hollywood Hills last week. The Dutchman, who signed from Riyadh Stars, was seen taking on the Brush Canyon Trail.

"It's extremely concerning, I don't understand why they are doing this." Club Sportivo Palermo's New Zealand goalkeeper Manaaki Takimoana when asked about the New Zealand government's plans for unwinding policies designed to improve outcomes for Māori and Pasifika people.

I think having a Nigerian man leading this club is vital and we are proud to work with the new gaffer." Naija United captain Charles Ogude on new manager Olakunle Rufai.

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