Round 1 Review of One Future Football

Riyadh Star 0-3 Tokyo Youth Club
In the opening round of Season 3 in One Future Football, Tokyo Youth Club delivered a stunning performance, securing a 3-0 victory over Riyadh Stars at the Oasis Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Tokyo got off to a strong start with Senegalese striker Mayacine Badiakha finding the net in the 12th minute with a right-footed strike, assisted by Raphael Hauffe. The second goal came in the 62nd minute when Lokela Young headed home from a cross by Badiakha. The final blow was struck in the 90+10th minute by Yacine Haddad, volleying in a goal from the right foot, assisted by Stijn Janssens.

Naija United 0-1 Bondi FC
Bondi Football Club secured a hard-fought 1-0 win against Naija United at the Elegushi Beach Stadium in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bondi took the lead early on with Juozas Butkus scoring in the 3rd minute with a right-footed shot, assisted by Ivano Pellegrini.

Bondi's manager Nick Stav guided his team to a disciplined performance, securing an important victory to start the season.

Bengaluru Phoenix 2-3 Inter Nusantara
Inter Nusantara FC emerged victorious with a 3-2 win over Bengaluru Phoenix FC. The match took place at the Koramangala Stadium in Bengaluru, India.

Bengaluru took the lead with Sushil Rao scoring in the 45th minute, assisted by Ajay Pal. However, Inter Nusantara quickly turned the game around with goals from Bas Holsink in the 72nd and 76th minutes, the latter assisted by Stanley van Ooijen. Bengaluru pulled one back through Noah Drakenburg in the 75th minute, assisted by Martin Prinz, but Inter Nusantara secured the win with van Ooijen finding the net in the 82nd minute, assisted by Holsink.

Brasil Amazônia 2-0 FC Angelenos
Brasil Amazônia emerged victorious with a 2-0 win over Futbol Club Angelenos at the Estádio do Rio Amazonas in Manaus, Brazil.

Thiago Barros opened the scoring for Amazônia in the 57th minute, assisted by João Geraldes. Geraldes then scored himself in the 84th minute, assisted by Andrea Olivieri.

South London United 0-1 Paris St-Denis
Paris St-Denis secured a 1-0 victory over South London United at the Hilly Fields Stadium in South London, England.

The lone goal of the match came from Paris St-Denis' Liam O'Malley in the 58th minute, assisted by Florian Grava.

Club Sportivo Palermo 2-3 Manhattan FC
Manhattan FC picked up a 3-2 win away to Club Sportivo Palermo at the Parque Olimpico Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Manhattan FC took an early lead with José Alcántar scoring in the 5th minute with a header. Sasa Pintaric doubled their advantage in the 38th minute with a left-footed shot, assisted by Alcántar. Manhattan FC then scored from a Luca Johnson penalty in the 64th minute.

Club Sportivo Palermo fought back with goals from Afonso Ferreira in the 81st minute, assisted by Marcos Peñaranda, and Ignacio Correa in the 90+9th minute, assisted by Izan Sabaté, but they ran out of time and it finished 2-3.