9 Questions With Florian Grava

1. Who do you play for?
Bonjour. My name is Florian Grava. I am a left winger and captain for Paris Saint-Denis.

2. Where is your hometown?
I’m originally from Saint-Denis, and now I live in the 16th arrondissement of Paris.

3. What is your best footballing attribute?
That is not for me to say, my friend. I have always been very fast, even as a kid, and my finishing. It’s something I work on almost every day.

4. Who was your football hero growing up?
I always try to emulate Thierry Henry as a child. Growing up, I also like Sadio Mané. What he does on and off the pitch is a big inspiration.

5. What is your favourite place to hang out in?
Stade Auguste-Delaune. It’s the local park where I started playing football.

6. Who is your favourite musician?
It has to be my bro, Sparo. A local rapper from Paris.

7. What is your favourite TV show?
The Wire.

8. What is your favourite food?
Do you know thiéboudieune? It’s a Senegalese dish of rice and fish. I eat it almost every day.

9. What is your favourite moment of the season so far?
Leading my hometown team out of the tunnel in the first game of the season against Club Sportivo Palermo is the one. It’s the proudest moment of my life.

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