9 Questions With Jośe Alcántar

1. Who do you play for?
My name is Jośe Alcántar and I play for Manhattan Football Club. 

2. Where is your hometown?
Well, I’m originally from Chimalhuacan, a municipality close to Mexico City. 

3. What is your best footballing attribute?
I think I’m someone who is easy to play with. I pride myself on doing the small, simple things to set up my teammates for success. 

4. Who was your football hero growing up?
I have a few all of them Mexican: Pavel Pardo,, Rafa Marquez, Adolfo Ríos, all great Mexican players and they were fantastic leaders too! 

5. What is your favourite place to hang out in?
I love walking around the Mexico City Zocalo, it's a magical place where you can see so much of the country’s history. There’s the old Aztec temple, the Spanish-built cathedral 

6. Who is your favourite musician?
Well, I have a few! I grew up with my grandma who loved Mexican legend, Jose Alfredo Jimenez. But I also love Alejandro Fernandez,  as well as a few American artists such as Frank Sinatra and Prince!

7. What is your favourite TV show?
That’s a tough one, I have been known to binge a show for hours on our days off.  I would say my all-time favorite show is Friday NIght Lights, I just love Coach Taylor’s leadership. But recently I’ve been watching Billions and it is excellent!

8. What is your favourite food?
Definitely my mom’s tamales. 

9. What is your favourite moment of the season so far?
Hard to tell. It’s always great to come back to camp and see all the guys, so I would have to say that’s been my favorite moment so far, but I certainly expect us to build great memories together in the coming months.