Round 3 & 4 Highlights

One Future Football Season 2 - Round 3 & 4 Highlights
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One Future Football Season 2 is underway and the past week saw big-name players and new young heroes dominate Round 3 and 4.
Round 3

Riyadh Stars had the #2 draft pick in the off-season and picked up young Spanish Centre Back Enzo Montiel. Monteil has started forging an impressive partnership with 21-year-old CB Halil Narin and Riyadh were dominant in a 4-1 win over Naija United. Two of The Stars’ goals were scored by Rashid Al Balushi.

Manhattan FC traveled to England to play South London United and increased the pressure on South London Head Coach Alex Davis with a 2-1 win. Dale Ramos got back to goalscoring ways with a double - his first goals since Round 15 in Season 1.

Inter Nusantara want you to believe that the hype is real and backed that up, recording a 2-0 win over Bengaluru Phoenix - the goals were scored by, who else but, Bas Holsink and Segara Biru #iconic.

Brasil Amazônia and FC Angelenos shared the points, and Tokyo Youth Club recorded a strong 3-1 win over Bondi FC in Tokyo but the biggest surprise of the season so far was in Paris.

The young Club Sportivo Palermo side have started the season well, but Paris St Denis are the reigning champions and improved their squad well over the off-season. Palermo showed they have something special this season and their young stars shone - Moyano, Sabaté and Pablo Burgueño gave Palermo a stunning 3-0 win. Catch the replay here.
Round 3 Results

Round 4

Round 4 was full of big results, CS Palermo kept up the story that they are the team to beat in 1FF Season 2 with an impressive win in the top-of-the-table clash with FC Angelenos.

Bengaluru Phoenix got their season back on track, winning a thriller 3-2 over Tokyo Youth Club - goals from Pal, Dasar and Gerônimo Martins were the difference, despite a brace from Tokyo’s Rafael Hauffe.

Naija United went crazy, smashing a shell-shocked Brasil Amazônia side who just wanted to get out of Lagos. The 4-0 scoreline was perhaps a little flattering as Baba Fall - the Naija ‘keeper picked up Player of the Match and his saves covered up some defensive frailties, but all the glory went to Kone, Akande, Ogude and Chibueze who got the goals.

Inter Nusantara’s impressive start to the season was checked by a Manhattan side who are themselves finding form. The Empire’s 3-2 win in Central Park was secured with a 15 min first-half burst of three goals. Holsink and Biru again scoring for Nusantara, but this time, with nothing to show for it.

Paris St Denis left it late but overcame South London United in London - the story that Adrien Grondin, London’s Player-of-the-Season-Frenchman may be better off in Paris rolls on.

Round 4 Results

The table after Round 4

Game of the week
Adrien Grondin

It’s England vs France, it comes with all the drama of the best player of Season One vs the country of his birth, the team who openly tried to sign up only weeks ago. South London are slipping, St Denis were just humbled by Palermo, you can’t miss it. Watch now.

Goals of the Round

Rashid Al Balushi’s stunner changed the game against Naija and won Round 3’s Goal of the Round. Enjoy it here.

Call it what you want, a rocket a thunder-strike, but Round 4’s Goal of the Round from Uchenna Chibueze was a thing of beauty. Watch it here,

Highest-Rated Players

Round 3

Rashid Al Bulshi the 21 year old Omani Striker for Riyadh Stars was Player of the Round in Round 4. He scored a 94 in Riyadh’s 4-1 win. Albin Dahlin continued his stellar star to the Season 2 with a goal and a Player of the Match 82 in the 1-1 draw with Brasil Amazônia.
Al Balushi & Dahlin were winners in Round 3

TOTR Rnd 3

Round 4

Goalkeepers never get any credit when their side wins 4-0 but Baba Fall’s 89-rated performance may be the exception! Palermo’s 2nd-Season Uruguayan Striker Pablo Burgueño won the Young Player Award.
Fall and Burgueño won the awards in Rnd 4

Rnd 4's TOTR

Best Quotes

Club Sportivo Palermo are playing well and Izan Sabaté (currently top of the Player of the Season Rankings) thinks this is a sign of much more to come.
Izan Sabaté

Best Stories

South London United are feeling the heat, and none more than Head Coach Alex Davis.

The Ballers finished 5th last season but went out of the finals at the first round. Four losses to start the season have been received badly, and this week it’s all been about the reactions around the club.

After the Round 2 loss

Before Round 3 against Manhattan FC.

Before Round 4 against Paris

Best Stats
  • Izan Sabaté finished last season as the 28th highest-ranked player in 1FF and so far this season is #1. His per90 rating for Season 1 was 64, his per90 for Season 2 is a whopping 81. Adrien Grondin won 1FF Player of the Season in Season 1 with a per90 rating of 81. Incidentally his rating this season is a 75 which puts him 11th of players who started all 4 matches.
  • South London may have a Goalkeeper problem on their hands, they traded second-choice Pieter Cools to Inter Nusantara. Fode Diaby has started Season 2 badly, averaging a per90 rating of 44. Cools’ per90 rating is 57.
  • Benglauru Phoenix are the dribble masters of 1FF. They have 124 dribbles for the season (vs. an average of 74) with 32 completed (vs. an average of 17). They play high possession style (3rd in the league) with plenty of short passing (3rd) and have the second-least medium/long passes.

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Round 3 Top 5

Did anyone captain Baba Fall in Round 4?
Round 4 Top 5

The Round ahead