One Future Football clubs unveil 12 jaw-dropping kits for Season One

The world’s future global football league, One Future Football, launched this week with 12 new super clubs from all over the world. As these fresh teams prepare to take the pitch, they do so in style with twelve awe-inspiring football kits meticulously crafted to embody the spirit of their respective clubs and the places they are born out of. With vibrant colors, daring patterns, and a bold departure from convention, these kits represent the very essence of One Future Football's mission.

FC Angelenos
The FC Angelenos' home kit pays homage to the influence Mexico and Latin American culture have on Los Angeles. It’s brought to life with the rich symbolism of the Day of the Dead with bold hues, intricate patterns, and intricate skull motifs. The kit seamlessly blends heritage and football, embodying the pride and passion of the team and its city. LA fashion brand 424 and founder Guillermo Andrade had input on these designs and are planning a one-off kit for later in the season.
FC Angelenos' Home Kit

Bengaluru Phoenix 
The Bengaluru Phoenix away football kit seamlessly weaves together the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, football, and the city of Bengaluru. Drawing inspiration from the intricate paisley motifs originating in India, the kit showcases a fusion of traditional design and modern sport. With vibrant colours and elegant patterns, it symbolises the team's pride in their roots and their unwavering commitment to the game.
Bengaluru Phoenix's Away Football Kit

Bondi Football Club 
The Bondi FC football kit draws inspiration from the club's deep connection with the ocean and its commitment to fighting plastic pollution. The home kit's design incorporates the mesmerising blue and black hues reminiscent of the deep sea, while subtle patterns and motifs serve as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to protect our precious waters.
Bondi FC's Home Kit

Brasil Amazônia 
The Brasil Amazônia home football kit stands as a powerful symbol of the club's commitment to protecting the Amazon rainforest and raising awareness about deforestation. Combining elements of Brazilian football and environmental activism, the kit features lush vegetation in contrast to bare, burnt ground, and a bold call to action, uniting the passion of the game with the urgency of environmental preservation.
Brasil Amazônia's Home Football Kit

Club Sportivo Palermo 
Club Sportivo Palermo's electrifying football kit captures the essence of Buenos Aires' vibrant and passionate youth culture. Inspired by the neon lights that illuminate the city's late-night scenes, the kit's black base layered with bold colours and dynamic patterns mirrors the pulsating energy found on the streets. It's a reflection of the club's commitment to embracing the spirit of the city and igniting the pitch with its exhilarating style of play.
Club Sportivo Palermo's Football Kit

Inter Nusantara 
The Inter Nusantara away football kit takes inspiration from the azure waters that embrace the Indonesian archipelago, symbolising the unity of the nation. With shades of blue reflecting the tranquil seas, the kit pays homage to the interconnectedness of the diverse islands and represents the club's deep-rooted pride in its Indonesian heritage.
Inter Nusantara's Away Football Kit

Manhattan FC 
The Manhattan FC football kit captures the essence of the bustling streets of New York City, infusing it with iconic imagery and quintessential vibes. From the bold yellow taxis to the New York slice to Times Square, and the kits street sticker-inspired pattern radiates the energy, diversity, and unmistakable spirit of the Big Apple, allowing players to embody the city's identity on the pitch.
Manhattan FC's Football Kit

Naija United 
The Naija United home football kit, which was co-designed by UFC legend Kamaru Usman, unleashes an explosive fusion of the vibrant Naija style, streetwear aesthetics, and African fashion. With bold and dynamic patterns, the kit becomes a sartorial representation of the club's boldness and the richness of Nigerian culture. It epitomises the team's spirit and pays homage to the fashion-forward nature of the African continent.
Naija United's Home Football Kit

Paris Saint-Denis 
The Paris Saint-Denis home football kit draws inspiration from the mysterious catacombs that wind beneath the city while embracing the theme of diversity within the club. The kit features an array of striking skull designs, each representing different faces and identities. It serves as a powerful symbol of unity, celebrating the rich diversity found within the club and the community it represents.
Paris Saint-Denis' Home Football Kit

Riyadh Stars FC 
The Riyadh Stars home football kit pays homage to Saudi Arabian royalty with its elegant black and gold colour scheme. Reflecting the club's values of Unity, Global, Progress, and Innovation, these words are beautifully inscribed in Arabic script, serving as a powerful reminder of the club's commitment to excellence and their deep-rooted connection to their heritage and vision for the future.
Riyadh Stars' Home Football Kit

South London United 
London fashion staple Lyle and Scott has seamlessly fused streetwear and football in the creation of the South London United football kit. With a nod to the city's vibrant street culture, the away kit exudes style and attitude. It's a bold statement, uniting fashion and sport, embodying the club's unique identity and captivating the essence of South London.
South London United's Football Kit

Tokyo Youth Club 
The Tokyo Youth Club's away football kit embraces the breathtaking beauty of sakura with its delicate pink hue. Symbolising renewal and vitality, it perfectly complements the club's four core principles: Tolerance, Ambition, Respect, and Bravery, beautifully written in Japanese script. The kit embodies the spirit of Tokyo, blending elegance with a strong sense of purpose on the football pitch.
Tokyo Youth Club's Away Football Kit