Round 17 Starting XIs

As One Future Football approaches its final six games, the battle for the top six spots and playoff qualification intensifies.

Here’s a look at the crucial Round 17 fixtures with injuries, past performances, and their impact on the league table:
All Changes - Round 17

Futbol Club Angelenos vs. Manhattan FC

  • Context: Angelenos (12th) face Manhattan (9th). Angelenos, missing key defender Max Chen, aim to avoid the bottom spot, while Manhattan seeks a playoff push.
  • Impact: A win is vital for Manhattan to stay in the playoff race.

Riyadh Stars FC vs. Bondi Football Club

  • Context: Riyadh (3rd) hosts Bondi (2nd), both tied at 26 points. Bondi will miss Zlatko Kozbašić.
  • Impact: A victory here could cement a top-three finish and edge closer to leaders Brasil Amazônia.

Club Sportivo Palermo vs. Tokyo Youth Club

  • Context: Palermo (10th) battles Tokyo (6th), who are without Elijah Edwards.
  • Impact: Tokyo needs to secure points to stay in the top six, while Palermo looks to disrupt their chances.

Paris St-Denis vs. Inter Nusantara FC

  • Context: Paris (5th) against Nusantara (8th)
  • Impact: Paris aims to solidify their top-six spot, while Inter Nusantara need to win to keep their season alive.

Brasil Amazônia vs. Bengaluru Phoenix FC

  • Context: League leaders Brasil Amazônia (1st) miss Joāo Geraldes against struggling Bengaluru (11th). They've also rested Thiago Barros.
  • Impact: Brasil Amazônia looks to extend their lead, while Bengaluru fights to climb out of the bottom.

South London United vs. Naija United Football Club

  • Context: South London (7th) faces Naija (4th), who are missing Abdoulaye Boli and Nick Amos.
  • Impact: South London aims to enter the top six, while Naija needs to maintain its position.
This round's results could significantly shape the playoff landscape, with each match carrying substantial weight in the race for the top six spots.