The Transfer Window

The end of the first season in One Future Football will bring about the very first transfer window. 
There are four parts to the transfer window: 
  • The draft
  • Academy signings
  • Delisting players
  • Club-to-club transfers

The Draft
New young players enter One Future Football each season through a draft. These players will be played in a series of matches and trials that will showcase the skills and abilities of each player.

The clubs that finishes bottom in the league has the first pick of players in the draft, followed by the team that finished second-last, all the way up to the Champion, and then the bottom club may pick again if they want to, followed by the second-bottom, all the way up to the Champion until each team has passed on their opportunity to choose a player.

Each player will be signed to that club on a three season contract at no cost to the club.

Academy Signings
Each club has an academy of players who have been playing in reserve matches against other reserve teams across the second half of the season.

Each club’s players are then available for that club to promote them to their first team squad as Academy Signings. They can also be retained to be looked at next season, or released. Released players may nominate for future drafts.

Each club is required to make at least one selection to sign from their academy every other season. Each player signed from an academy will be signed to that club on a three season contract at no cost to the club.

Delisting players
In the first off-season, each club may delist any of their players. From Season Two, each player will be signed to their club for a set contract term which works the same way as any other football league.

Club-to-Club Transfers
From the end of Season 2, clubs may negotiate transfers of players with other clubs.
This off-season clubs will be able to trade players in direct swaps, or multi-team swaps.
Each trade much be agreed by the team owners of all clubs involved in the trade.

22nd September - The 1FF Season One Final
3rd October - Deadline for submitting trades
4th October - The Draft
5th October - Nominations for Academy Signings
6th October - Deadline for delisting players
20th October - Season 2 Kick-off