Transfer Gossip

Written by: Fabio Rossi 
The One Future Football Off-Season means The Draft, delistings, promotions from club Academies and potential trades between teams. 
For this, the first off-season, teams must make direct swaps with other clubs to trade players. 
Here are some of rumours that have been doing the rounds.  

With some top young talent coming into the club, Naija United may be looking to offload one or two of their forward options. 
Finishing last has one perk; Naija are going to be improved by the #1 draft pick, but the big news for Naija fans is that they have an academy player - Ojo Oladipupo who may be even better than who they pick first in the draft. The 18 year old is tipped to go straight into Naija’s starting XI which is bad news for Parfait Atangana, Henry Babatunde and Anthony Chidi who have been battling for a place in the forward line alongside Deji Akande and Charles Ogude. 
Bondi FC are widely known to be in the market for an attacker and would be keen on one of the three. 

“We don’t talk about specific players, but Adrian Grondin would improve any squad in world football” Patrick Mendy - Paris St Denis Head Coach 
Links between 1FF Player of the Season Adrian Grondin and Champions, Paris St Denis won’t go away. It’d take an incredible deal to make it happen, but this saga will roll on. 

“Mentally I don’t feel in the right place. I love London but maybe I need a change.” Pepe Muniz - South London United’s Spanish winger. 
Muniz only managed three starts this season. Round 9 he created two goals and was named Player of the Match, but Alex Davis lost faith in him after his rating of 28 in 90 mins in a draw in Manhattan in Round 12. Club Sportivo Palermo are known to have interest. 

29 year old Irish Striker Cormac Connolly wants out of Manhattan after playing a limited role in 1FF Season One. 
Connolly started the season with a bang, scoring three times off the bench in the first four rounds and looked set to be a key weapon for Manhattan. Lewis Campbell had other ideas and the Irishman played a total of 27 mins across the next 16 games. Bondi FC have a good Irish connection and Connolly could provide much needed depth up front. 

23 year old Goalkeeper Pieter Cools is not prepared to play back-up at South London United and will seek a move. 
Cools was considered by many to have been the likely starter in South London, but Fode Diaby got the nod and hasn’t looked back. Looking around the league, for Cools to secure the #1 shirt, Inter Nusantara or Bengaluru Phoenix would be the most likely destinations.