Transfer Gossip Part 2

Written by: Fabio Rossi 
The One Future Football Off-Season means The Draft, delistings, promotions from club Academies and potential trades between teams. 
For this, the first off-season, teams must make direct player swaps with other clubs to make a transfer happen. 
Here are some of rumours that have been doing the rounds. 

Rumour: Bondi are stepping up their pursuit of more attacking options. Their favoured options are Parfait Atangana of Naija United and even Noah Drakenburg from Bengaluru Phoenix. 
Fabio Rossi: The team from Lagos have a young academy product who could slot straight into the front 3 and would push Atangana down the pecking order at Naija United. The big question is whether Bondi have something that Naija need. Billy Rose is a widely admired young Right Back who is stuck behind 19 year old Croatian prodigy Zlatko Kozbašic. His versatility may suit Naija. 
Noah Drakenburg is a vital player for Bengaluru Phoenix and is happy in India. That one is very very unlikely to happen. 
Denny Pasquale is a striker at Bengaluru who is gettable. His coach has made it clear Pasquale is behind Drakenburg; he got very little game time in Season One and will be unlikely to get much more in Season Two if he stays in the Red, White and Blue of Bengaluru. 

Rumour: Ruben Sinclair is a target for Naija United, they believe he underperformed in South London in Season One and that they have the environment to turn him into a top 5 striker in the league. 
Fabio Rossi: Ruben Sinclair will be judged on goals and knows his return of 7 goals in 22 appearances is not enough. He’s already working hard to prepare for Season 2. If this story came out at the end of Season 2 and if Ruben Sinclair had again scored 7 goals then I can see some logic, but for now he has the backing of the coaching team at South London. 

Rumour: Manuel Wolf is considering options as he thinks he can be a starter if he wasn’t playing for the Champions in Paris. 
Fabio Rossi: Wolf is stuck behind Jung Sang-Min who stayed fit and kept scoring in Season One. At 25 years old Wolf has a choice to make - go in search of game time, or be content with a role behind one of the best front threes in world football. 

Rumour: Jean Salazar paid a visit to the South London United training ground, ahead of a move to replace the retiring Isaac Diez. 
Fabio Rossi: Diez had a very good season for The Ballers but has a decision to make and rumours of his retirement are gaining momentum. Peruvian Right Back Salazar would be a logical replacement but after a year of playing second-fiddle in Buenos Aires, can Salazar handle a starting role? 

Rumour: South London United Goalkeeper Pieter Cools was spotted meeting with Inter Nusantara representatives in London. The Indonesian club are weighing up options of who to offer in a swap deal. 
Fabio Rossi: Cools is frustrated with the lack of game time in London and may look to force a move. Inter Nusantara are one of the best options for Cools to score a starting position. This seems like a good fit all-round if Inter can offer up a trade that works for South London United. 

Rumour: Paris St Denis have approached South London United but have been blanked by Alex Davis and her team. They don’t believe anything good would come out of even talking and will not return Patrick Mendy’s calls. 
Fabio Rossi: Adrien Grondin is the best player in the league, he’s also exactly the player South London United intend to build a team around. They can ignore the calls this season, but if Paris go back-to-back and Grondin doesn’t feel he’s got the right support on the field then it may be Grondin picking up the phone.